Monster Squad – Horror Movie Marathon – Funny Horror

For this week I wanted to start out the month of horror movies by highlighting some funny horror movies – intentional or otherwise. This is a fond memory from my childhood:

Monster Squad

Movie: Monster Squad
Year: 1987
Rating: PG-13

The Story, in a nutshell: A bunch of kids form a club where they share knowledge of their favorite subject – monsters. When classic horror movie monsters come to life to terrorize their town, they are the only ones who can safe the day!

Reason it’s awesome: Any time kids can be the heroes in a horror movie, I’m game. It’s full of stupid hilarious jokes. It’s a great introduction to monster movies because it gives you the mythology behind some of the bigger monsters. Oh, and in a strange cinematographic twist, it pays tribute to some of the original iconic horror movie moments – super cool!

Humor level: 4/5
Violence level: 1/5
Scary level: 1/5

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