Nosferatu – Horror Movie Marathon – Classic Horror

This week I want to look at movies prior to the horror movie resurgence of the very late 1970’s/early 1980’s. Call them old, classic, vintage, what-have-you… it can be hard for some people to think that there are great horror movies that are 80 years old… but it’s true!


Movie: Nosferatu
Year: 1922
Rating: NR

The Story, in a nutshell: Know the story of Dracula? Yup, this is it.

Reason it’s awesome: This film is 90 years old. It’s silent. It’s amazing. Absolutely creepy, but also beautiful. Rob had never seen it, so I pulled it out two nights ago. It’s really one of the best films in the history of film.

Humor level: 1/5
Violence level: 2/5
Scary level: 3/5

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