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The Last Man on Earth

Movie: The Last Man on Earth
Year: 1964
Rating: NR

The Story, in a nutshell: The entire population has been turned into vampire-ish monsters, and Vincent Price is the only human left alive.

Reason it’s awesome: Well, it’s Vincent Price, who is really one of the greatest horror actors who has ever lived. It’s also, strangely enough, an Italian film, so it has a different air to it. One of the reasons I find it so fascinating is that Price’s character, Dr. Robert Morgan, is a very focused, driven man, and now that he can’t be a great father and scientist, he’s just going to be the best vampire slayer he can be. His daily routine of planning and killing vampires is admirable, amusing, and sad.

Humor level: 1/5
Violence level: 2/5
Scary level: 3/5

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