REC – Horror Movie Marathon – Monster Horror


Movie: REC
Monster: Virus-infected humans
Year: 2007
Rating: R

The Story, in a nutshell: A reporter and cameraman follow a fire department on call, where they are quarantined in an apartment complex

Reason it’s awesome: There are many films that try to use the handheld camera perspective, with varying degrees of success. This one makes great use of the documentary filming perspective, mixed with a traditional perspective, to move the action forward. This is a Spanish film and there was an American version (Quarantine) released a year later that’s almost a shot-for-shot reproduction. It always amazes me that a film can be almost an exact reproduction of something else, and completely miss all the excitement of the original. Avoid Quarantine, and check this one out instead.

Humor level: 1/5
Violence level: 3/5
Scary level: 4/5

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