30 Days of Night – Horror Movie Marathon – Monster Horror

30 Days of Night

Movie: 30 Days of Night
Monster: Vampires
Year: 2007
Rating: R

The Story, in a nutshell: A small town in Alaska is preparing for 30 days without sunlight, just when vampires roll into town.

Reason it’s awesome: I like vampires when they are monsters – they should be bloodthirsty killing machines, and the romanticization of vampires annoys me so much! Vampires are evil, not sexy. Anyway, this movie is a group of good, vicious vampires. The best part of this film is an early sequence where the vampires are slaughtering the townspeople, and it’s a great aerial shot rolling through the difference scenes of death.

Humor level: 1/5
Violence level: 4/5
Scary level: 3/5

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