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The Descent

Movie: The Descent
Year: 2005
Rating: R

The Story, in a nutshell: A group of women explore an uncharted cave, only to become hunted by the monsters that inhabit it.

Reason it’s awesome: The Descent is a great contrast to yesterday’s film, The Thing, because The Descent is an all-female cast. (Well, except for the monsters.) Again, it’s great to see the interpersonal relationships and drama of a group composed solely of women. The pacing of this film is great- the cave exploration is so unnerving and claustrophobic, that I am already scared and anxiety ridden before the horror portion of the film even starts! Lastly, the characters are great. Just a group of authentic, tough women. This is really one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen. And it’s amazing.

Humor level: 2/5
Violence level: 5/5
Scary level: 5/5

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