Halloween is Coming – 31 Great Horror Movies for October

31 Horror Movies for Halloween / October For me, October is about Horror movies. Sure, there’s a holiday at the end where you dress up in costumes and get candy – and that’s fun, too – but nothing beats a dark, cool Autumn night on the sofa, scared out of your wits.

Last year I posted a horror movie every day. It was, in truth, a little crazy. This year I’m too busy watching horror movies and thinking about Halloween costumes for 2-year-olds, but I wanted to gather up all the Horror movies from last year and have them in one place. So here you go: 31 Great Horror Movies for October.

My Favorites
Night of the Living Dead
The Descent
The Thing

Funny Horror Movies
Monster Squad
Shaun of the Dead
Jason X
Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil
House of the Dead

Sci-Fi Horror Movies
28 Days Later
The Mist
They Live
Event Horizon
The Fly

Classic Horror Movies
The Birds
The Last Man on Earth
Rosemary’s Baby

Monster Horror Movies
Dellamorte Dellamore
The Devil’s Backbone
Dog Soldiers
30 Days of Night
High Tension

One thought on “Halloween is Coming – 31 Great Horror Movies for October

  1. I think you and I have similar lists. I want to see some AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON action on here. Watched CHRISTINE last night and I feel that movie is highly underrated.

    Great work!

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