Happy Halloween from our Weeping Angels

Happy Halloween!

Rob had the great idea a couple of months ago that the ladies should be Weeping Angels for Halloween. He’s even been teaching them to play Peekaboo by saying “Rawr!” instead of “peekaboo!”, which they are tremendously fond of.

So I’ve been spending the last two weeks trying to figure out how to make a decent Weeping Angel costume for toddlers. It had to be comfortable and warm so that they could wear it without complaining. And I had a feeling they wouldn’t go for elaborate face paint and wigs, so it had to be limited to just a costume. This is what I came up with:

Weeping Angel Toddler Costume

The costume is basically a grey shirt and leggings (so they wouldn’t get cold) and then an over-dress, and a pair of wings that I painted to look like stone.

Weeping Angel Toddler Costume

There’s Vanessa doing her best Weeping Angel impression.

Weeping Angel Toddler Costume

I didn’t count on how much Diana would love playing with her wings. She was pulling on those all evening, and they needed so emergency repair at one point. 🙂 Fortunately, her grandpa had a stapler handy.

Weeping Angel Toddler Costume

And here’s Diana showing that even Weeping Angels like to get cuddles from daddy.

Weeping Angel costume wings

Here’s an Instagram shot of the progress on the wings. Basically for both the dress and the wings I started with a white costume and turned them to stone by dying them grey, then spattering them with black, white, and grey paint.

For the wings, since I couldn’t just throw them in the washing machine with some Rit, I used fabric paint that comes in a spray can.

We hope you had a Happy Halloween!

Halloween Costume – Day of the Dead

The big questions of the morning are: 1) How was your Halloween? 2) What did you dress up as? and 3) How much candy did you eat?

1) I’m happy to say that our Halloween was great. Cupcake and Little Bean are still a bit small for trick-or-treating, but we took them over to my parents’ house to show off their costumes:

babies dressed up in dinosaur costumes

The two cutest dinosaurs I’ve ever seen. They’ve even been working on their growling!

2) I got to judge a local costume contest earlier in the week, so that’s when I did my big dressing up. I love the sugar skulls from Dia de los Muertos, and realized that it would be a very easy costume to pull together. It’s all about the makeup – something I have plenty of.

Halloween HiJinks costume judges

That would be me on the far left, with the other two judges. I wanted to show you how easy it is, so I put together a Day of the Dead sugar skull makeup tutorial at the end of this post.

3) We only had two (!!!) trick or treaters, so we’ve got plenty of candy left over. Fortunately, most of the candy are the ones that Rob likes. But I went through and picked up all the Almond Joys, and I’ll quite happily eat one an hour, all day long.

How was your Halloween? And how much candy did you eat? 🙂

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial

You probably have most of the elements for Day of the Dead makeup in your cosmetics bag already – You’ll need:

  • Makeup brushes
  • Light colored liquid/creme foundation
  • liquid eyeliner pen
  • cake eyeliner
  • colored eyeliner or eyeshadow pencil
  • white face powder (but you can easily get by with translucent powder)
  • and white Halloween makeup (it comes in color combinations in little trays for a few dollars during the Halloween season)

Step 1 – Combine a few drops of your liquid or creme foundation with a big dollop of the white Halloween makeup. I combine the two because you don’t want to look like you have a heavy white clown face. This way, you can blend at the edges and it looks prettier. Leave your eye sockets bare, but cover the rest of your face, and your lips.

Step 2 – Take the cake eyeliner and use a makeup brush to color in your eye sockets, and draw a rounded diamond on your nose.

Step 3 – Use a colored eyeshadow or eyeliner pencil and draw petals around your eyes. Mine is a very wide stick, so it’s quick and easy to do. The smaller your pencil, the more time this will take.

Step 4 – Use your liquid eyeliner pen and trace around the petals for definition.

Step 5 – Detail work! I like to draw a spiderweb on my forehead, and then accent the rest of my face with curlicues and hearts. You could also do more flowers, dots, and other embellishments – anything that speaks to you! Trace any colored elements (in my case, the hearts) with liquid eyeliner to define.

Step 6 – Finish with your mouth. Draw a line from the corners of your mouth, out to your cheeks. Then draw little vertical lines for the teeth.

For the rest of my costume, I just wore black clothing, bobby-pinned a black scarf in my hair, and then glue-gunned a bunch of fake flowers to a headband. Super easy, and quite fun to show off your makeup skills!